Build it!

Everyone can build a HomeScope and modify it. It is completely open source and you are encouraged to ticker with it to build and even better machine. In order to save time here we keep an easy step-by-step guide for building each of HomeScope’s subsystems in a incremental fashion.

  • Build Frame (beams, L-brackets, T-brackets, and Motor bracket)
  • Make optical system (Print/Get an optical tube, get focal lens, and get an objective)
  • Make illumination system (a LED on PWM pin of the RBPi and potentiomenter)
  • Implement the Z Axis with EasyDriver, a Stepper Motor and two Push buttons
  • Implement RBPi control of Z movement (logical conversion and communicate)
  • Implement the XY Axes with PlotterBot, a Joystick, and show servos at LCD
  • Implement RBPi control of the XY movement (logical conversion and communicate)