My Swarm

a biotic game with microbes living under your feet

Head character, a part of Skeleton.

HomeScope is your console to dive into the world of science: Explore swarming microbes in soil ecosystems and play a biotic game with them. Computer vision and machine learning algorithms abstract live biological structures captured by HomeScope in to game elements that make up My Swarm.

The Swarm

The Swarm is a decentralized group of researchers unraveling the secrets of collective intelligence, a trait mastered by biological systems and of great interest to us humans to solve urgent problems related to our planet’s wellbeing. To join The Swarm, build your own HomeScope, sample soil near-by, look for intelligent swarms, isolate them, grow them, and train them and evolve them to play My Swarm with you and your friends. As HomeScopes are built and My Swarm is played, a distributed network of HomeScope algorithms learn about swarming as a whole.